Newspapers & Television - 1 Nov 2014

Table of content - Newspapers & Television (1 Nov 2014)

Combine the power of print and TV to reinforce messages, build reach, and add depth to campaigns.
Ads don’t work if consumers don’t see them, which is why reach is such a critical part of campaign planning..
Three steps to Synchronise Newspaper & TV Campaigns for Maximum Efficiency.
How TV and newspaper advertising drives sales.
Four principles for effective target audience selection..
A great blend to influence audiences.
How newspapers work with television to create powerful advertising campaigns.
Keeping the end in sight
Brand salience: getting remembered when it matters
Different media, different effects
Halo effect
The sum is greater than the parts
Newspapers combined with television have the potential to build reach quickly, maximising the short term ROI, and complement each other by reaching potential consumers over the longer term, boosting purchase consideration.
Know your time frame
The two most critical factors are the creative and reach.
Key take- outs
To gain the greatest ROI it pays to maximise short-term reach while minimising duplication.
Building brands: 12 month reach
Creative builds memory. Reach delivers opportunity
Tip of the iceberg
TV and newspapers are excellent platforms for delivering highly-engaging creative content. The differences in how they engage complement each other, amplifying the impact of the campaign at delivering sales.
The same, but different: How newspapers & TV engage audiences
The evidence is overwhelming
Defining “engagement”
Three types of engagement:
What matters most is how consumers decide what to buy
Engagement matters. Except for when it doesn’t
Putting engagement into practice
The tactics and type of engagement may vary, but what doesn’t change is this: using television and newspapers together takes advantage of the unique strengths of both media channels. It’s the most powerful combination for generating sales.
Identifying the target audience is the first task of planning an advertising campaign. Accurately defined target audience profiles reflect consumer behaviour and maximise the opportunity.
Why targeting goes wrong and how to get it right
Staying on Track
Understand why newspapers should be added to a TV schedule and the compelling arguments to do so.
The essential argument for why newspapers and TV work so well together can be summed up with three key points:

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